Windy~May 31, 2010

Walk the Dog

I go out for a walk with Randy

He sets a fine pace

Prancing along

Trotting on tiny toes

Even at the end of the leash

I loose sight of him in the dark

So sleek and black

Save for one white star on his chest

Echolocations above us

Pause so his radar ears may find the sound

Or they may be wings

He thinks of flying away with these cousins

The last light reflects on the river

Just before it turns obsidian glass

We hear noise on the banks

Take me home, Randy


Ziibi~ May 31 2010

I am a Long Haired Chickie

There is no other way for me
I have tried!

It’s not a security blanket
An image issue

I have chopped it all off
Over a foot
Just to test myself

Nope, I mourn the loss
As if some part of me was taken

I walk around feeling
Something is missing

I know it sounds so silly
I giggle too
But I have faced the fact

It’s me!
I am a long haired Chickie!

Ziibi~ May 30, 2010


Powwow Dancers of all regalia dance around the circle.
The Big Drums resonate
The heartbeat of the Earth and the songs of the people.

Windy~May 30, 2010

A Mind to Travel

Longing for a drive across the prairie
Yellow and lavender sway on the breeze
Wildflowers are never contrary
Not even when they are so full of bees

* 20+10=30      Goosebumps!