Ziibi~June 4, 2010

Many Faces~

A woman sits dolling herself up for a night out with her girls
Applying make-up she learned at thirty to wear
Eying the heels she wishes

A woman leans over the willow they gathered for her
Measuring with her mind where each will go
Framing the lodge they all will use

A woman shops for the fabric of her mind
Picturing the dress it will become
Not afraid anymore

A woman picks up her daughter after school
Wondering how it went so fast
Baby to big girl

A woman writes her thoughts on the pages of the screen
Playing out the words in her mind
Imagining as she did as a girl

A woman picks up her drum to sing her morning healing song
Knowing they are listening
To her prayer

A woman looks in the bathroom mirror and sees
The many faces of me the many more to be.

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