This Beautiful Day Was Not Made For Me

Antibiotics and steroids

This is my routine

October day near eighty

Not for me


Take the dogs for a walk

See my skin revolt

Feel my mind shrivel

Lump in my throat


I love the fall

It’s usually for me

My energy returns

Not this year


Stick to the plan, Stan.

No. Stay flexible, man.

So, what do you want?

I Just Will

There was an overwhelming feeling.

I have been letting someone down.

My fear stopped me short of my goals.

It is not like me to let another get in my heart.

I did not want to be Carly Simon.

My heart was held hostage.

I want to make this right.

What I have is mine.

Just the sharing does not make it his.

That is all I have to say about that.



I’m Missing

I know the time is creeping near.

When will you be home, my dear?

I spend all my time complaining.

My interest in life is truly waning.

Sorry if I come across as rude.

I’m not even looking at food

I know we fulfilled many things.

Still, being away from you stings.

Windy ~July 6

Weeks away from you

Time without the natural

Inspiration lost

Windy~ June 22

I’ve been waiting all week

It’s just one show

But, ugh, these boys

Loud, loud boys

Arguing over a video game

Then it’s over

Laughing like hyenas

I can’t hear my show

I can’t concentrate

It’s only a show

This makes me happy

This makes me whole

Windy~ June 21

One long day

And the next is shorter

Downhill from here

Summer has come

But brings a reminder

Only gonna stay a while

Windy~ June 20

I work.

It hurts.

I’m stiff.

Keep on.

Who cares?

Not me.

I guess.

Not you.

Normal life.

Windy ~June 18

I’m hearing the same tune

Over and over and over again

A little repiticious

Don’t ya think

Just a few more days

The tune will change

All will be right in my world

Every baby where they belong

For now

Windy~ June 17

If I can’t be near my lake

Please open up the sky

Take me far away from her

I will miss my mother too much

If  you take me from my lake

Then bring me to the sky

My father is there with the stars

I will be home with little bear in my eyes

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