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  1. windybound
    May 31, 2010 @ 13:44:13

    I’m sorry that you’re angry,
    That makes me very, very sad.
    Things don’t always go as I want
    And that has me hopping mad.

    Its a gray, dreary day,
    There’s been a foul mood.
    Can I take back when I said “fuck you”?
    Fighting with you has me down,
    Too much of that is going around.
    I don’t want to cry,
    I don’t want to pout,
    Being with you is not what that’s about.

    With school and kids, we’re both stressed to the gills,
    But soon enough you’ll be spinning through the hills.
    Quiet, peaceful, basking in the sun,
    No doubt about it,
    Your summer will be fun.

    For right now though,
    You need to know,
    I look up to you,
    You help me grow.
    I trust you with what I hold most dear,
    My emotions, my kids and my fears.

    Cheesy poems that rhyme,
    Are the lamest of all kind.
    But how else do I say
    I’m sorry for the shitty day?

    by Erika


  2. ziibi1
    Jul 15, 2010 @ 07:59:40

    By Mary Alice Clark

    Unwinding Mind

    As my life unfolds, it seems weak and weary
    It brings sad news of the old and the dreary

    My heart felt friends of long ago
    are on their paths of new driven snow

    I wait for some knock to arrive at my door
    To help me continue to grow and seek more

    My soul aches for newness and for sadness to leave
    My mind needs love to help me to grieve

    Why do I hurt so when all is at my door steps
    Why is my pain so fierce like steel forceps

    Life is good and I have all that is essential
    Why is it then, I find nothing in that potential

    Hoping for beyondness and wanting love clearly
    Need to live life thoroughly, mildly and cheerily

    Is there more now than was ever before?
    Was there less then that was never a chore?

    Help me dear angel, give me this chance
    Give me the strength to do this last dance.

    Mary Alice Clark


  3. mary alice
    Jul 19, 2010 @ 02:31:47

    Thank you!!!


  4. mary alice
    Jul 19, 2010 @ 20:10:02

    I cry me a new beginning

    Another day has come and gone
    So many lessons to have learned
    And some of them I know I’ve missed,
    And here another leaf has turned.

    Though I may search for some guiding hand
    To lead me out of this hindering pit,
    I know I have to reach out and trust
    to let ego go……. some how I have to fit.

    Exhausted and crushed I may seem now
    Defeated and beaten down to earth
    Only I can pick me up again
    to feel my own rebirth

    And in the fleeting days of illusion
    I must stand strong and brave to live
    And though I may have failed before
    I will triumph and learn to give.

    To discard the mask of the lower self
    And live the passions of mind in life
    shun fear, mistrust and doubt
    Of attachment, greed and strife.

    With true virtues of heart and mind
    Of patience, and the right to choose
    Of humility, and detachment too,
    Of contentment and not the want to lose

    Though the path be strewn with sticks and thorns
    And slippery at best sometimes
    My Inner Guidance I must trust
    Until I hear that voice, the music of horns

    As I cry me a new beginning….
    …. the Light of soul will shine my way
    …..the Sound of soul will sing my path,
    …..the Touch of soul will soothe my mind
    I shall emerge and become light again
    that part of self that I will strive to find.


  5. ziibi1
    Jul 20, 2010 @ 09:31:32

    A wonderful poem of truth. I don’t think it will hard for you to become light again. You are full of light and knowledge of self so few are aware of in this poem. Life is such a bitch sometimes and knocks us down. We get back up and push on forward with the lesson of hardship hopefully learned. I can’t wait to meet you. 🙂


  6. Gypsy
    Jul 30, 2010 @ 08:50:27

    Such beautiful words! You have come so far River….I’m loving your new writings.


  7. Erika
    Aug 01, 2010 @ 23:52:48

    No one


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