Windy~June 3, 2010


She said things that made me chuckle.

“Come sit on the davenport.”

“Arco coffee is out of this world.”

She was a strong and fearless woman.

“I was not afraid to cook for a Five Star chef.”

“I spoke my mind when women were quiet.”

She thought she was sneaky.

“Don’t tell your mother…”

“Does my breath smell like smoke?”

She was too frugal for me.

“I bought you some slacks for only a nickel.”

“If your not going to eat that I will put it in my purse.”

She had me near tears at the end of our time.

“That red-haired girl came to see me.”

“Please, take me home with you, please.”

All of it, and more, makes me grateful.

Thank you, Great-Grandmother.