Pineapple Quest

A chimpanzee dressed in silk
Zeros in on a pineapple
He stands on a pot and watches
In a blink of an eye
Honking cars and baked streets
Turn to dry plants and a deep lake
A summer stream stands in-between
Him and the pineapple
He pulls out a hose to swing across
As a wind is blown to guide him along
He lands with a moisten to his lips
next to his pineapple quest.

This poem is for the weekly prompt put on by Big Tent Poetry. This week it is a wordle
Wordle: Big-Tent-Poetry-Wordle-3

Ziibi~ May 31 2010

I am a Long Haired Chickie

There is no other way for me
I have tried!

It’s not a security blanket
An image issue

I have chopped it all off
Over a foot
Just to test myself

Nope, I mourn the loss
As if some part of me was taken

I walk around feeling
Something is missing

I know it sounds so silly
I giggle too
But I have faced the fact

It’s me!
I am a long haired Chickie!