Masquerade Ball

Come one! Come all!
To the Fairies Eve
Masquerade Ball!

Circle around! Enter Here!
Grab a mask of delight
Make sure it’s on just right

Find a seat! Now, don’t be shy!
Dews of rainbows cold & sweet
Wings aflutter with the beat!

Strums of chords of Blue alight!
Poppy seeds and cattail reeds
There stands Joker by the weeds!

Masks of shadows vines of color!
Gowns of petals swirl wonders
With the thought of his blunders!

Night is moving all to fast!
Bits of web and honey comb
Laughter with a friendly gnome!

Beauteous Lunar circles one last hall
Announcing the end
Of this years Ball!

Come again! Until next years call!
To the Fairies Eve
Masquerade Ball!

*For the very first Monday Potluck!

Ziibi~ June 12

Lunar Moth~
Have you been fortunate to spot a Lunar Moth?
There are so few of them any more.
Even when they were plentiful in the forest
Lunar Moths are great at blending
Into their surroundings.

One is lucky to see these magnificent Moths
The size of a small bird
The colors amongst the black of night
The delicate beauty of Nature.

I have seen one I almost missed.