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I’m Missing

I know the time is creeping near.

When will you be home, my dear?

I spend all my time complaining.

My interest in life is truly waning.

Sorry if I come across as rude.

I’m not even looking at food

I know we fulfilled many things.

Still, being away from you stings.

ziibi~ July 9~ Trailing Fate’s Denial

Trailing Fate’s Denial

I weep tears of despair.
Lifetime’s worth of sorrow
gushes from a throbbing wound
bleeding slowly deep within my soul.

A wound from love lost tragically
recurring time and time again.
Two souls seek one another
finding untouchable love
and invisible thread
linking the two
in torment.

A choice made for love
would end the agony
of a thousand lives
but he must risk.

Pressure is building,
crushing my chest,
sucking the last
breath of hope
I have left.

Love rejected
Fate denied

Windy ~July 6

Weeks away from you

Time without the natural

Inspiration lost

Ziibi~ June 13

Unconscious Necessity~

The demons of her memory
She carries with her

She had no way to cope
No one did then
   Closed doors
   Closed minds

She does not realize
Time plays no factor
   Twenty days
   Twenty years

Her demons are still alive
She has never healed
   Haunting her
   Hurting her.

Windy~June 1, 2010

Feeling Flip

pain, tenderness, distress

You, again?

nuisance, asperity,discomfort

Welcome home!

angry, inflamed, aggravated

We missed you.

exhaustion, insomnia, powerlessness

Stay as long as you like.