Ziibi~ June 22

I would be friends with
Margaret Fuller
two women
among a few more
in a group of men
voicing their thoughts
their opinions
for the centuries of women
that were hushed
and would be for
and still are.

Windy ~June 18

I’m hearing the same tune

Over and over and over again

A little repiticious

Don’t ya think

Just a few more days

The tune will change

All will be right in my world

Every baby where they belong

For now

Windy~ June 16 on the 17th

Worms pink in puddles

Mosquitoes need to eat too

This walk a brisk one

Windy~ June 15 on June 16

Columbine in bloom

Redwing Blackbird fears no man

Lovely walk this eve

Windy~ June 14 (part deux)

See the line of clouds

Feel the wind blow on my heart

The call a whisper

Windy~ June 14

Distracted again

Now time to think of my own

My future will come

Ziibi~ June, 8 2010

Oh the many patterns of our lives.
Patterns we shape
Patterns we perform
Patterns we design
All these patterns we create.

Ziibi~ June, 6 2010

Dibik-Giizis dash Niin~

She matches her Nokomis
Way up in the sky
A sliver today

Tomorrow they will grow
Slowly through time
Till they are full once again

Miigwech Nokomis Giizis!

Ziibi~June 4, 2010

Many Faces~

A woman sits dolling herself up for a night out with her girls
Applying make-up she learned at thirty to wear
Eying the heels she wishes

A woman leans over the willow they gathered for her
Measuring with her mind where each will go
Framing the lodge they all will use

A woman shops for the fabric of her mind
Picturing the dress it will become
Not afraid anymore

A woman picks up her daughter after school
Wondering how it went so fast
Baby to big girl

A woman writes her thoughts on the pages of the screen
Playing out the words in her mind
Imagining as she did as a girl

A woman picks up her drum to sing her morning healing song
Knowing they are listening
To her prayer

A woman looks in the bathroom mirror and sees
The many faces of me the many more to be.

Windy~June 3, 2010


She said things that made me chuckle.

“Come sit on the davenport.”

“Arco coffee is out of this world.”

She was a strong and fearless woman.

“I was not afraid to cook for a Five Star chef.”

“I spoke my mind when women were quiet.”

She thought she was sneaky.

“Don’t tell your mother…”

“Does my breath smell like smoke?”

She was too frugal for me.

“I bought you some slacks for only a nickel.”

“If your not going to eat that I will put it in my purse.”

She had me near tears at the end of our time.

“That red-haired girl came to see me.”

“Please, take me home with you, please.”

All of it, and more, makes me grateful.

Thank you, Great-Grandmother.

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